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Roger Donald

I was an evening student at Dasein and I must say Core Maths and Economics used to be a thorn in my flesh. But after my parents suggested I tried Dasein, I must say the difference was clear. They had the state of the art library and a computer laboratory that helped us with our research work and assignments. They also had a stanby generator that helps us when the lights went out so we didn't have any issue with electricity. After being there and experiencing academic work there, I can boldly say there is no doubt Dasein is the best remedial school in the country.

Solace Elorm Ablorh

I heard of Dasein practical school when I was in JHS. I had several friends who had been to that school to remedy their grades and they came out successful. When I completed SHS, I had less than average grade in some subjects and Dasein practical school was the first school that came on my mind. I can say the teachers are very good and the students are also very good. If you want a good remedial school for your ward, I recommend Dasein Practical School to you.

Former Student - Main Branch

I came to Dasein Practical School after my JHS B.E.C.E. examination for Pre-SHS classes and this helped me a lot in secondary school. During my secondary school days, I used to come for vacation classes at Dasein. So at the end of my second year in secondary school, I wrote the Nov-Dec and gained admission into the university of Ghana, where I'm currently studying Geography and Resource Development and minoring in Psychology. I recommend Dasein Practical School to every student out there because the teachers are very good.

Former Student - Main Branch

I was looking for a remedial school to go to and my dad recommended Dasein Practical School. I doubted it but decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, I passed in all the subjects I failed in. At Dasein, whatever they teach come in the exam. Dasein, the wisdom kingdom. Dasein, apo koronkoronn.

Former Student - Main Branch

After my first attempt at the WASSCE, the results didn't come out as expected. So I quickly went to Dasein Practical School. At Dasein, the difference is clear. The students are not only taught to remember, but to understand and apply in everyday life. The next phase of my educational journey has just began. If you intend to follow, go to Dasein. Dasein, the wisdom kingdom.

Miriam Mindy

A friend recommended Dasein to me and I must say the experience has been greatly enourmous. Here in Dasein we have very condusive and comfortable learning environment. The tutors are the best. The teachers in Dasein don't only teach for the delight, but because they are examiners and have taught for many years, they make the complex topics very simple.

Former Student - Main Branch

I stopped school in class one and later heard about Dasein Practical School. So I went there to focus on my education and now I can say I can read and write and do things I couldn't do before. So I'm encouraging everybody out there who has not been to school and want to go to school, to try Dasein Practial School. Whatever the person couldn't do, he/she will be able to do with Dasein Practial School. Everything is possible with Dasein Practical School.

Mavis Asiome Ago

I didn't have the chance to go to secondary school but had friends who after secondary school came to Dasein Practical School for remedial classes and their story changed. That gave me the motivation to go to Dasein. I now understand many things. The teachers are friendly and supportive. With Dasein, you're always guaranteed that your future with WASSCE is very bright.